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Q) What is a Shaper?
A) A shaper is a moderate to firm control garment that smooths, slims, and shapes. It can be a high legged brief, a brief, a long legged panty,a slip or a bodybriefer. It usually can slim "one" full inch.
Q) What is a Bustier?
A) A bustier is an alluring, pretty long underwire bra. It is designed to enhance the bustline and slim the upper torso. A bustier can usually be worn as a strapless or halter style and is meant to create a seductive and beautiful feeling.
Q) What is a Body Briefer?
A) A body briefer is a one piece, firm control garment that smooths, slims and shapes the whole torso. It can have underwire cups or soft cups and slim the torso "one" full inch.
Q) What do you mean by Bridal?
A) A bra, bustier, bodybriefer or shaper that is designed to enhance a wedding, formal or special occasion dress.
Q) How do I know what size to buy?
A) Visit the Find Your Size page.
Q) Are boned garments comfortable?
A) Yes. Boned garments fit comfortably next to the body. Most specially styled underwear garments require bones to keep the garment in place and smooth the shape.
Q) Were do the ideas for new styles come from?
A) They often come from the needs which the customer has requested. The Design studio, headed by Marianne Gimble, reflect the French attitude of Beauty and Comfort. The American attitude of "Problem Solving" is also crucial. Whenever a new fabric, trim or elastic comes on the market, the products are carefully studied and tested, and often appear on the newest styles.
Q) Why should I choose VaBien?
A) VaBien is on the leading edge of technology, style, and comfort. When purchasing an intimate apparel garment, always consider quality and value as well as price.