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There is an unspoken wavelength of women who know every trick to become and stay stunning, and women who frankly, don’t give a damn. She knew every beauty law in the book, and some tenets that had yet to be proved with clinical research. She was the extreme lover of all things beautiful and consumed magazines, new serums and tiny tricks, as if it were her job – but one summer she realized, after years of primping and buying and blending and lining, that the most beautiful her friends and sisters looked was when they relaxed and were utterly themselves. She said ‘Au revoir’ to the possessions that brought her no joy, and Marie Kondo’d her life. This is the bra she kept.

The ultimate balance of support and comfort, this light-as-air underwire bra gently lifts your natural shape with double-ply molded microfiber cups for all-day wear perfection. It feels like wearing nothing at all, but lifts and enhances while providing support – freeing you to put whatever you like on top, and walk out the door feeling confident and as brimming with natural beauty and polish as Les Jardins de Luxembourg.

  • Buttery soft brushed microfiber provides a cotton feel
  • Wide back panels for smoothing beneath clothes
  • Rigid straps for extra lift
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Additional information




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