Astronomie Delacroix Scarf





Women hold up half the sky.

— Chinese proverb

The iconic painting of the French Revolution by Delacroix features the heroic figure La Marianne, legendary throughout history and art as a symbol of female strength and empowerment. Together with an artist in Paris, Va Bien adapted the image of La Marianne and placed her within an astrological scene. She is holding court, keeping the universe together amidst a series of challenges.  Adapted from countless ancient drawings and star charts, this luscious silk scarf was illustrated in Paris and printed in Italy.

A dreamy configuration of uplifting symbols, it was created to cocoon you in a moment of calm, with luxurious comfort.  A superb gift for oneself or a special someone, the scarf is a visual and sensory delight for the wearer.

  • Measures 55 x 55″


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