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I know where I’m going, she said with full confidence, putting away the map and decisively starting in a new direction, picking her way across cobblestones in decidedly high heels. Okay, he said, but that looks a lot like the Arc de Triomphe behind us. She turned her head and squinted – there did appear to be a large structure that looked suspiciously like the sculpture garden they had been trying to find. Okay, she said, but I like this direction better. Let’s just explore!
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Embrace new territory, and body-skimming, revealing formalwear with this versatile, tummy tucking, bust-lifting thong bodysuit. In the enchanted wonderland of both foundations and lingerie, there lives this bodysuit – perfect for support beneath a glamorous formal gown, for skipping through ancient cities, and stepping onto the red carpet.

  • Patented Ultra-Lift technology features three thin stays sealed within each foam cup offering amazing support and security and a push-up bra effect
  • Straps convertible from traditional styling to halter and crisscross
  • Thong back
  • Cotton-lined adjustable hook & eye crotch closure
  • SKU 2525



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