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The feeling of being spun round and round, dancing the night away, floating home and waking the next morning to have an incredibly productive day. This bra, named ‘Papillon’ for the french word for Butterfly, is light-as-air yet versatile, lifting and supportive, as well as extraordinarily comfortable. Designed with fabric originally created for use in the space suits of astronauts to regular body temperature, expect top notch support and coverage, yet breathable fabric perfect for summer months. With charming embroidery of mimosas and palm leaves and butterfly appliques, this smoothing plunge bra is truly over the moon!

  • Embroidered with mimosas and palm leaves at a couture fabric mill in Austria
  • Features fabric originally created for astronauts, to regulate body temperature in space
  • Brushed microfiber straps for extreme softness
  • Incredibly lightweight, feels like you are wearing nothing at all
  • Plunging neckline perfect for low-cut dresses and V-necklines
  • Excellent for taller women and longer torsos
  • Adorned with butterfly appliques to reference the lightness of wear


21 reviews for Papillon Low Plunge Bra

  1. EliseM

    good but I like the full coverage one more

  2. Customer

    I am full on top and usually feel like I’m coming out of plunge bras but feel contain by this one. and it is pretty

  3. Kaylie J

    I wear a 36F in Chantelle and the same size fit me in this bra. It has little bits of embroidery but they don’t show through my clothes. The elastic in the back is actually more narrow than in the photos, which was a good thing. Overall really like it.

  4. Dana

    Nice fitting

  5. geri’s world

    So comfortable and the butterflies are cuuuuttee

  6. EileenS

    This bra is pretty and functional. My only issue is it comes up a bit high under the arm but other plunge styles i’ve tried are the same with that. Also i’m on the short waisted side so that might be it as well.

  7. Julia Teserman

    very sexy

  8. NatC

    Great support I prefer rigid straps but still great bra

  9. Ivonne

    Ordered this for my daughter and its perfect. She is 36f but this fit her great and the back has a very nice smoothing effect. The side panels are on the wide side which if you are very short torsoed may dig a bit in the underarm but this was not a problem for my daughter. For her the side panels kept her smooth and looks great under t shirts.

  10. swc

    chose the wrong size. usually with bras I like to take a size down in the band so it’s extra tight but with this it was too much. going to try exchanging for the next band size up and see how it goes.

  11. Alexis Danerville

    I shop at saks and have bought the same comfort bra there forever. I never thought to change but a girlfriend told me about va bien so I gave this a shot. Fits so comfortably and is so cute and I never really thought I could wear a low cut bra like this in my size 32G. The straps stretch but not too much so it still supports, and it fits true to size. I bought one in both colors. Both are cute but the black is extra pretty with the gold pop on the black fabric.



  13. Marcy

    Nice wide comfy straps and the lace on the sides is a pretty touch.

  14. jackie l

    I am very full busted (34F) and this had perfect support. a revelation. add a matching thong and I will give five starts next time

  15. NYC

    finally a bra that simplifies my life instead of complicating it… so comfortable I forget I am wearing it. I did need to exchange after ordering the wrong size, but the customer service team was nice and easy to work with

  16. frequent flier

    THE most comfortable bra I ever purchased. Girls this is a great investment. I’ve worn Wacoal bras for so many years and they are very well made but nothing has given me this level of comfort before. The fabric breathes nicely and it has just the right amount of pretty accents while still being smooth enough to hide under my clothes. It is lovely in the black color as well. Cannot recommend enough.

  17. Essy Taylor

    It works perfectly. It gives the right amount of cleavage while being supportive.

  18. Catherine

    Wanted to love it but did not fit. Returning

  19. Janis Heller

    fits well and pretty

  20. miss LA

    So comfortable and comes down pretty low in the front but I’d prefer something that comes all the way down the band at the bottom.

  21. Mary

    This is perfection. I am a G cup and the support of this bra is like nothing I’ve tried before and it’s so lightweight and comfortable. Wish there was a strapless version.

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Q: How is the fit of the cups on this style?

A: The cups fit true to size.


Q: Will the embroidery on the inner cups show through my t-shirts?

A: No, it’s strategically placed to avoid show-through.


Q: Will you offer H and I cups in this style soon?

A: Yes we would love to and are working on it.


Q: My other spacer bras are kind of stretchy, will this support in a plunge neckline if I am full busted?

A: Yes, designing something super comfy but very supportive is challenging, but this style accomplishes both thanks to the way the bra sections are balanced and the spacer fabric is engineered.