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The incredible lightness of a flitting butterfly that can’t be captured and avoids the nets of laughing children, the elusive belle enjoying every party, breaking hearts along the way, the rush of sound that captivates a symphony audience.

Some of the most wonderful forces can’t be captured – this bra was created to harness the lightness and energy of a butterfly. Designed to lift, smooth, and gently minimize, the Papillon Minimizer Bra offers body shaping and cooling effects for comfort even in the hottest months of the year. Made for every body type, from petite to plus size, the Papillon Bra is crafted from fabric created for astronauts, to regulate body temperature in space. Let the Papillon Bra lift and support you with its irreplicable lightness.

  • Embroidered with mimosas and palm leaves at a couture fabric mill in Austria
  • Incredibly lightweight, feels like you are wearing nothing at all
  • Gently minimizes the bust but while lifting not flattening
  • Smoothing side and back panels reduce pinching and bulges
  • Available up to an H-Cup, perfect for full busts
  • Adorned with butterfly appliqués to reference the lightness of wear


15 reviews for Papillon Minimizer Bra

  1. EliseM

    very pretty, wish the strap was more narrow but it’s comfortable

  2. Janice K McPhereson

    Light and Breathable. And comes in my size thank you.

  3. kate

    I am size 42C and have a hard time finding bras that smooth me and support comfortably while also being pretty and this is the one. Ordering the black.

  4. Tania

    Super comfortable and creates a nice shape under shirts but I like low cut necklines.

  5. ny customer

    its high on the sides and smooths me out there… but on the other hand it’s a lot of coverage there. overall great everyday bra

  6. MariD with Children

    The straps dont fall off my shoulders which is amazing and its just very very comfortable while supporting. I ordered my true size and it was just a hair tight in the cups but love it

  7. Chicago Fire

    My sister has this in nude but I bought the black it looks great and feels great

  8. Annie K

    Just not for me too much coverage.

  9. laeticia

    smooth my body allover and comfy

  10. Marion Wagner

    This one is worth a try. The straps are very wide and soft but rigid so they don’t dig, and they seem to be spaced out such that they don’t slip off the shoulders. At least they don’t on me and I sometimes have that problem but not always. I am a larger size, 32H. The laces are pretty and give a nice touch to everyday simple bra. Cups are soft and stretch just a bit but create a nice shape and lift. It’s different than other minimizers I’ve tried before, it doesn’t just smoosh everything to the underarm area, it’s more the shape of a regular bra but with a minimizing effect. The back and sides offer great coverage. Overall it’s very light and you almost forget you’re wearing it which is kind of a miracle for a minimizer. Very happy with my purchase.

  11. KM

    beautiful embroidery

  12. Lauren Tamarina

    I am in my 60s and the girls don’t sit where they used to… this lifts so nicely but also minimizes a bit so my blouse buttons do not gap. Also very lightweight. Thank you!

  13. alexandra

    FINALLY!!!! something that minimizes but is super comfortable and also pretty – I am in love with this and am ordering another one in black. the wide straps don’t dig wish I found this years ago and saved myself so much discomfort

  14. Ally Beckman

    I’m a J cup but bought this in H hoping would work… too small, returning.

  15. kate g

    Can wear this all day and feel great it breathes well and doesnt poke. Smoothing effect is very nice

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Q: How is the fit of the cups on this style?

A: The cups fit true to size, though since it is a minimizer, if you are in between sizes go up in the cup.


Q: How much of a minimizing effect is provided?

A: Generally the bust is reduced by 1-2 inches.